🔥 built with principles from neuro-plasticity, repetitive exposure, and active meditations

Mindset Optimization in Just 1 Minute Per Day

- Monthly summary of your progress

- Practical exercises based on your favorite author's advice
- Inspirational questions from principles in philosophy, movies, books, psychology and science
- Learn to channel your energy into believing you can achieve your goals
- Personal motivation angel by your side
- Option to unlock unlimited access to a personal cheerleader, accountability buddy, and peak performance coach
- Fun and easy daily practice with progress tracking and rewards
- Flexibility to customize when and how often you receive the daily questi
- Stop the world for 1 minute and prioritize your personal growth every day!

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What is Framer?

Is it easy to learn?

Do I need to code?

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Install the plugin and convert your designs to a responsive site.

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Start with Site Templates

Start with Site Templates

Start with Site Templates

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Use positioning to fix topbars, sidebars, and backgrounds.


Use effects like Transforms and Parallax scrolling.


Connect your site to the most popular apps out there.


Run a blog, list job openings, or manage your event schedule.


Visually structure your pages and link to them easily.


Build lightning-fast, globally optimized sites.

See your monthly goal everyday:

Write, edit and update content across CMS pages.

Summary of your answers

At the end of each month, we'll send you a summary of your answers. It'll be a chance to reflect and evaluate how far you've come and celebrate your achievements.

put your favorite author's advice into action

Love Tony Robbins' advice? Obsessed with Elon Musk's brilliance? Moved by Jim Rohn's quotes? Tell us who inspires you and we'll create a series of 1 min exercises that help you make the most of their teachings.


flexability Choose the frequenacy and the exact hour you want to recive your 1 min questions.

1-on-1 Peak Performence coaching

replace them with positive, empowering beliefs that will help you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.


Forms, videos, socials and more.


Essential features for your next website.