Welcome to my new special series…
"The Mothership"

You have arrived to a special destination… It's a good place to park your spaceship ;)
Thanks for expressing your interest in exploring the world of the unknown and mystical.

I am going to share with you some of my discoveries, thoughts and interesting research on psychedelics and spirituality and how it can help you improve your self realization. It's a fascinating world of wonders, guiding spirits and hidden truths that exists in each one of us…and I'm happy you are open to it thinking the same :)

Expect to see some emails from me soon about it, the only different would be that in each of the emails you will see a cute 🧚‍♂️ferry emoji, so you can know this is one of the emails from this series:)

I would appreciate it so much if you will share this with your friends. Just tell them to sign up in https://www.1minquestion.com and reply me for the trippy sequence :)

~🧚‍♂️Lulu, your fairy

Add your thoughts! Something special you would like to see or share?

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